Model 1620H Compressibility Machine


The Model 1620H Compressibility Test Machine provides a complete workstation to evaluate the compressibility of friction materials at ambient and elevated temperatures up to 600 °C. It is offered with a hydraulic actuation system and conforms to U.S. and worldwide testing requirements. The hydraulic machine provides increased control accuracy and response. This test system provides excellent precision and repeatability to measure deflection in microns, with consistent measurements over thousands of samples.


Key Benefits

  • Ease of operation
  • Accurate and reproducible results
  • Recognized throughout the world for standard compressibility testing
  • The lightweight loading block lowers the pre-load threshold

Test Procedures

  • SAE J2468
  • ISO 6310


Load Control Modes
Force, Brake System pressure or Pad Surface Area Pressure
Cylinder Stroke Length
40 mm / 100 mm
Load Capacities
60kN or 94 kN
Load Control Accuracy (High Load)
± 40 N (± 9.0 lb) (steady state)
Load Control Accuracy (Low Load)
± 20 N (± 4.5 lb) (steady state)
Low Preload Capability
100 N (60 kN machine) : 157 N (94 kN Machine)



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