Model 3378 Portable Vehicle DTV & Drag Test System


The Model 3378 Portable Brake Evaluation System provides on-vehicle drag measurement testing equipment in a convenient carrying case for transfer between test sites. Vehicle inboard and outboard rotor run-out as well as disc thickness variation (DTV) measurements are also available as options with this system.


Key Benefits

  • Real-time display of test data
  • Automatic report generation the operator to print out results immediately after test
  • Portable system allows transfer from site to site

Key Features

  • ProLINK software
  • 0-5 rpm operation
  • Durable travel case

Test Procedures

  • Robust Spline Filter for processing slotted/cross-drilled rotors
  • Non-contact capacitive probes for DTV and rotor run-out measurements
  • Order tracking for DTV and rotor run-out data



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