Model 3945 Road Load Simulator


The Model 3945 Road Load Simulation System (Model 3945) is designed specifically to reproduce steering and road load on a corner module within a LINK Model 3900 Brake Dynamometer (Model 3900).

The system has the flexibility to impose fixed or dynamic loading during noise, judder, DTV, and wear investigations. This gives a realistic representation of what happens on a vehicle, and enables the precise detection of brake noise caused by steering input and a more accurate reproduction of DTV generation.

As an addition to the Model 3900, the system can reproduce loading for passenger vehicle and light truck applications. This system replicates actual radial and axial road load inputs seen by the corner module during real life driving as a result of road inputs and steering.

This is a significant step toward replicating on-the-road vehicle testing on a dynamometer. Moving from vehicle to dynamometer testing offers large financial savings and greatly reduces development time.


Simulate the Road

Do you need to evaluate the effect of steering or road inputs on a brake dynamometer? Prepare to cut costs and reduce development time with the Model 3945.


Complete Load Control

  • Radial and axial hydraulic or pneumatic actuators are controlled separately
  • Replicates vehicle weight, dynamic weight transfer from braking, vehicle cornering, and road load roughness and vibration
  • Adjustable to reproduce wheel offset and tire rolling radius
  • Lateral loading actuator is located below the brake providing the correct orientation of the load acting on the wheel brake



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