ProLINK is the most in-depth and reliable software available for the testing industry and has the flexibility to adapt to your changing needs. This intuitive program can be used across a wide range of testing applications and is renowned for its ease of use.

The control system consists of five main application modules that work together to provide a robust environment for the most demanding control and test systems. Each software tool corresponds to a step in the overall testing process: Test Setup, Procedure, Execution, Data Review, Final Report.


Key Benefits

  • Intuitive, easy to learn
  • Off-the-shelf ready
  • Users can employ Windows interface
  • Flexible/adaptable to suit your needs
  • Layers of sophistication to grow with you
  • Same software used for multiple machine types

Key Features

  • Designed to perform control and data acquisition for a wide range of test stands
  • Real time, digital data made easy
  • Fundamental NVH analysis
  • Compatible with any test system
  • RevDataPlus: Cohesive data graphic tool
  • Immediate review of test results
  • Customized screen displays
  • Configurable graphical user interface
  • Integrated control with other technical systems (B&K, Flir, etc.)
  • Modular system for data viewing, test scripting and data reporting
  • Test simulation module

5 Main Application Modules

  1. Configuration Manager (Dyno Control)
  2. Visual Scripting Interface
  3. DynoView
  4. RevData Plus
  5. ScriptEdit



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